Witkrans Citrus Nursery

Witkrans Citrus Nursery is situated in Boshoek, between Rustenburg and Sun City in the north-west province. Our nursery was established in 1983 by Johann-Chris and Linda Grobler and has since been producing high quality certified disease-free citrus trees.

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Certified by the South African Citrus Improvement Scheme

Trees are grown under insect secure structures.


Witkrans nursery has an exceptional track record of being phytophthora-free for many years.

Witkrans tree standard

We prefer to produce a scaffold tree. It is a tree that has scaffold branches at a height required by the grower, with a stem thick enough (not requiring additional support) to support the scaffold.
Annex 25 – Tree Standards – February 2020

Insect-secure structures

Trees are produced inside insect-secure structures.

Field ready tree

Trees are grown in a 4.25 litre plastic bag, they are about 1.1 meter in height and weigh on average 4.5kg (after being irrigated). On average, it takes about 16 months to produce a field ready tree.


Navels, Valencias, Lemons & Limes, Mandarin Hybrids, Satsumas, Clementines, Grapefruit,


Benton Citrange, Carrizo Citrange, C35 Citrange, Flying Dragon, Minneola X Trifoliate, Rough Lemon, Swingle Citrumelo, Volkameriana, US-812 (Sunki x Benecke), X639, Yuma Citrange.

Price (at farm gate)

Depends on the time of delivery and cultivar (royalty payments).

Payment terms

To confirm an order a deposit is required and full payment required before delivery.

CIS Certified

Fully accredited by the Southern African Citrus Improvement Scheme, thus ensuring good quality disease-free citrus plant material with which trees are grown. See our certificate here.

DAFF Registered

Registered with the South African Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries in terms of the Plant Improvement ACT.

SACNA Member

Member of the South African Citrus Nurserymen’s Association.

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Christiaan Grobler

082 753 4392


High quality certified disease-free citrus trees

We are dedicated in offering a stronger tree and through years of experience and innovative methods top quality certified disease-free citrus trees are produced.

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